Modern oriental and secret of oriental rhythms DVD+CD

Eglal, Sarah Shahine and Míra

Modern oriental and secret of oriental rhythms DVD+CD

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This DVD includes warm-up, break down, drills, technique, 2 choreographies, cool-down, performance and part for drummers with drumming technique and basic oriental rhytms. CD includes 32 oriental rhytms and drum solo.

Drum solo with Eglal - Colorful and energetic choreoghraphy of drum solo with live drums. You will learn juicy technique of shimmy, hips and isolations.

Modern Romance with Sarah Shahine - A passionate new choreography that combines juicy baladi hip movements, lyrical oriental steps and turns with a drop of egyptian feeling. Plus modern bellydance technique to improve your hips work, arms posture and travelling steps.

With the famous Mira you will learn drumming technique and important oriental rhythms from 2beats to 10beats (Ayub, Zaar, Saudi, Khaleegy, Semre, Malfuf, Wahda Sarira, Karachi, Fellahi, Waltz, Samai Darag, Maksum, Masmudi Saghir, Baladi, Saidi, Dabka, Wahda Kabira, Wahda Tawila, Zaffa, Rumba, Samba, 5beats rhythm, Maroko, Dor Hindi, Arabian-andalous rhythm, Masmudi Kabir, Masmudi Et-Tawil, Masmudi Be Khems, Chiftetelli, Hagalla, Karsilama, Samai Takil) and many interesting things about oriental music. We recommend to dancers and drummers.

Price DVD+CD 600,- czk (24 euro)

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